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These days, it seems that the LS engine is making its way into almost every car imaginable. And while we hope it will never stop, and we would put an LS is anything we can get our grubby little paws on, there are still some vehicles out there that would surprise you to know had an LS lurking under the hood—or deck lid, as the case may be.

In many instances, the LS was used due to its inherent durability in high-horsepower, high-stress situations and its capability to produce gobs of power with relatively minor modifications. Which brings us to the first and most powerful car on our list: the Devel Sixteen.

But, in case you are unaware, the Devel Sixteen is a boutique supercar said to make more than 4, horsepower and is capable of sprinting from 0 to 60 mph in just 1. However, we soon learned that not only was it the real deal, it was powered by not one but two LS engines melded together and paired with not just two but four turbochargers feeding the massive mill.

While calling it two LS engines might be an oversimplification, since the crew at Steve Morris say that it is its own unique blend of components from big-blocks, small-blocks, and designs of their own, for all intents and purposes it is, in fact, based largely on the LS architecture.

Some have snapped pictures of it rolling in and out of lavish events, but no proof that the car is anywhere near production—or of its existence outside a prototype for that matter—could be found. Regardless, based solely on its amazing engine alone, thanks to Steve Morris Engines, the Devel Sixteen had to rank first on our list. Ah, yes. The Venom GT. This might be the LS-powered supercar you are most familiar with.

Harley-Davidson Engine Powered Vehicles !

With its twin turbo cubic inch LSX, 1, horsepower, and Lotus derived chassis, the car was destined for greatness right off the bat. You may remember that the Venom GT was actually a challenger to one of the fastest supercars of all time, The Bugatti Veyron. Back inthe GT actually dethroned the Veyron as the fastest production car in the world when it reached a blistering top speed of However, that claim has since been disqualified by the Guinness Book of Records since only 16 of the 29 planned Venom GTs were ever sold and the record setting run was only completed in one direction and not an average of two runs in either direction which is apparently the standard for record setting.

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However, the Venom GT still holds the Guiness World Record for the fastest accelerating production car ever, sprinting from a stand still to mph in just By comparison, the Koenigsegg Agera R—which has horsepower and is the next fastest production vehicle—did the same run to mph in The car was built by Hennessey and based on the Lotus Exige chassis.

The Bulgarian founded and German-built supercar is powered by your run of the mill 6. However, since the car is so light, the LS3 rockets the car to 60 mph from a stand still in just 3.

That car has proved very adept in the class and is looking for an overall win this season. And speaking of looks, you would never guess that this stunning beauty is built in Holly, Michigan, just an hour outside of Detroit. And while this car is about as domestic as it gets, its performance is anything but.

The light weight car is powered by a naturally aspirated LS7 mounted mid-ship that has been tuned to produce horsepower and lb-ft of torque. Its creators also claim that it can pull up to 1. Alessi, an American-based fiberglass manufacturer, originally modeled the AR-1 back in to show off at the New Your Auto Show in order to drive business for their fiberglass venture.

The concept was produced to showcase how fancy the company could be with fiberglass, after which it sat around for decades. Naturally they added Corvette brakes, suspension, and engine to the original formula. The AR-1 is built on a steel space frame and covered in fiberglass and just 50 examples were ever produced.

The Dutch built car is powered by a horsepower LS7 and can go from 0 to 60 mph in under four seconds. Not too shabby for what is essentially a four door supercar.

However, it sports just two doors, unlike the four amazing gull wing doors found on the GTS. The GTR will sprint to 60 in just 2.The basic recipe is a lightweight chassis tubular with a high performance, rev happy engine.

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A cc Hayabusa powered Seven kitcar would weigh in around kg built to comfortable road spec. The engine would make a healthy bhp with a dyno set-up.

This translates to mph of 3. Furthermore, if you are interested in track days or racing, these cars can be stripped back to weigh as little as kg. To give a good comparison of what bhp per tonne is you would need to own the following cars:. Ferrari F40 2. We can supply the following packages for your existing kitcar, race car or new build. All our engines come from a genuine and reliable source with all engine numbers intact.

The engines are leakdown tested, oil pans removed and chemically cleaned, new oil and filter and a set of spark plugs are fitted prior to being supplied. In most cases you will need a baffled sump or accusump oil system to ensure that your bike engine is reliable and will not suffer from potentially damaging oil surge issues.

We are happy to supply and fit either oil system. Prices of bike engines may vary due to availability, phone for accurate quotation.

This is the most cost effective solution but custom bespoke looms can be made to customer own spec. Starter Button Kits: Many customers like to include that motorsport feel to their BEC and so we can also wire your loom so it can start via push button start system and either remove or retain the ignition barrel switch.

Additional Costs: Engine cradles for any of the above engines. We can also supply a vast array of tuning options for all our packages to satisfy most customers needs including, big bore kits using high compression forged pistons, gasflowed heads, big valve conversions, performance cams and full lightening and balancing of the engine internals.

We have a Yamaha R1 demonstrator - test drives can be arranged by appointment only. We not only ship engines and components within the UK but also Overseas contact me for arrangements queries and shipping costs. Tel: To give a good comparison of what bhp per tonne is you would need to own the following cars: Ferrari F40 2.

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Not living in the UK?The car is designed to be low maintenance, low cost to the racer with vehicles purchased at Yamaha outlets and transported directly to the race track. The car is expected to be a valuable training tool for up and coming drivers and an affordable and fun racing machine for more experienced drivers. While the R1DT is a concept car, Yamaha officials hope make a production version of the R1DT, but only if it meets the high standers of performance, quality and reliability.

I think it is pretty awesome to have somebody as big as Yamaha getting into any sort of car racing versus motorcycles. At 21, they go off to school and we usually get them back when they are 45 because they have made some money and they can start playing.

This car is going to allow the maintenance to drop down.

1969 Austin Mini R1 Powered

You will have to do very little maintenance. Yamaha has yet to set a price for the new racing vehicle, but officials stressed that they understand retail price is critical to the success of the project.

r1 powered car

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Hall Of Famer Bobbie Adamson, CRA Jr. Nashville Fairgrounds Moves More Races. Jeg Coughlin Jr. Reflects On Bobsled Challenge. Yamaha Photo.Posted 22 November, in bike engined kit cars. Gsxr k2 21k miles I bought this bike accident damaged as I need the front and back end for another project I'm working on. All other parts a Posted 27 April, in bike engined kit cars. I am looking for MK Indy, locost, westfield, bike engined kit car, Please email me with spec etc.

Cash waiting Complete Suzuki Hayabusa engine and accessories for car installation. Posted 31 March, in kit car parts for sale. Complete Suzuki Hayabusa system ready to fit into a bike engined car for sale due to a change of plans. High quality remanufactured 'as new' engine pu Posted 7 February, in bike engined kit cars.

Posted 11 November, in bike engined kit cars. Suzuki Hayabusa cc Engine complete with all bits. Posted 21 July, in bike engined kit cars. Bike may no longer be for sale as owner has decided to keep after all. Posted 23 June, in bike engined kit cars. Been thinking out it for a while and have finally decided to take the plunge and part with my Locoblade.

My wife isn't very keen on travelling in it, Posted 7 October, in kit car parts for sale. S Engineering Lymm. This was a low mileage engin Hayabusa Engine Complete Running Package. Posted 8 October, in bike engined kit cars. I'm Selling my '02 Hayabusa Engine. This is being sold as a Complete Running Package, the Engine has never been raced or ragged by me. I used her for Aero MG3. Posted 28 May, in bike engined kit cars. Genuine reason for reluctant sale. Caterhams for sale Westfields for sale bike engined kit cars Cobra replica cars for sale Dax for sale GTM for sale Locost for sale MK Sportcars for sale Ronart cars for sale Sylva for sale Tiger kit cars for sale other kit cars for sale kit car parts for sale.

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Mobile Site. Barbados car hire. Follow us! Premium Adverts Full throttle clutchless gearshifts Quickshifter kits. Clutchless downshift system auto blip. Birkin S3 Wide Track - 2.How many projects owe their existence to the "life changing experience? Like anything else, after the event recedes into memories, the project demands focus, perseverence and drive if it's ever to see the light of day. So, whenever you see one on its wheels and moving, tip your hat to its creator, he stayed the course.

The Spykster owes its existence to a young Australian, Dan Quelch, a motorcycle at speed and a collision with a Caravan. While healing from the experience, Dan thought more stability and far greater braking were what he needed in a vehicle. He still loved the speed and handling and the experience of riding a motorcycle but, Dan thought, maybe, he could design around the downsides and starting with a clean sheet, this is what he came up with.

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His design goals were light weight, as exciting as a big bike but it must stop as safely as a car. They aimed for kg pounds and the final kg pounds meets that nicely.

Power comes from a Yamaha R1 engine. The frame is built from about 30 meters of 19mm RHS rectangular hollow section tubing and Dan says he used 16 cylinders of Argon gas TIG welding the whole thing together. One of the biggest challenges was designing the steering. Handlebars or levers? On a three wheeler, handlebars would be turned a lot in a tight turn at the same time you're leaning into them to counteract the g forces but he figured a carefully designed lever system would work great and it does.

One of the best parts of this entire project in my eyes is the fact that Dan had to learn the skills necessary to build it.

r1 powered car

TIG welding? Get a welder and figure it out. Pattern making for the fiberglass body? Start making them. How many times have you heard someone say he would do something if he knew how? If you don't know how, learn! You're not born with it. The Spykster accelerates, in Dan's words, like an R1 two up.

Braking is excellent and the steering, a system for which he has applied for patents, is almost completely natural. One nice additional feature is the twist grip throttle of a motorcycle has been retained instead of the lever throttle common to quads.

Technical Details

Dan is hoping to find a manufacturer in Australia who will get on board. If he doesn't. I hope he'll continue his pursuit anyway.

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I like the looks of this little road burner. More info: Spykster.Current motorcycle engines are pretty sophisticated.

r1 powered car

You don't have to look at MotoGP engines to see it either, just visit any motorcycle dealer and look at the street bikes ready to follow you home. Many cc sportbikes produce over hp and cc liter bikes develop over hp. The Suzuki Hayabusa comes in around hp and thanks to a well developed aftermarket, the big 'Busa can be turbocharged, given the big bore treatment and, of course, fitted with nitrous, for unbelievable horsepower gains.

At a recent horsepower shootout, one well massaged Hayabusa cranked out over hp! Hartley Hayabusa V8 With a little imagination you might look at those engines, note their compact dimensions, peer under the hood of a small car and go hmm Well, before you pat yourself on the back for being so creative, it should be noted that folks have been putting motorcycle engines in cars for quite some time.

The Cooper Car Company was putting cc JAP motorcycle engines into a ladder frame special and making a race car back in the late 's and BMW dropped a motorcycle engine into the Isetta in the mid 's. Even earlier, in the 20's and early 30's, the Morgan Motor Company built their famous 3 wheelers with V-twin engines from JAP and Matchless mounted right out front. If you're interested in very early micro cars and motorcycle powered cars you have a lot to choose from, there's the Peel, the Velorex, the Berkeley and many others that most people have never heard of.

There are a number of companies currently building motorcycle engine powered cars for both street and track applications. Some are complete factory built, finished cars while others are in various stages of completion or kit form. Depending on your skill level, tools and facilities at your disposal, time, energy and intended application you'll have to narrow down the choices and choose from there. If you're thinking of buying or building one of these beauties, keep in mind, road legal in one country may not be road legal anywhere else, so be sure to check with local registration authorities and with the company producing the car as they may already have the answers you need.

Twin Harley V-Twins mounted on a custom drivetrain in the Sundoulos Sportstar Powering a car with a motorcycle engine is a bit more complex than dropping a smallblock Chevy into your old street machine.

If you're comfortable building one off prototypes, you can start from scratch. Otherwise, you can take advantage of those who have done this before. Builders have found many engines suitable for powering cars. Some current favorites are the Yamaha R1, Kawasaki ZX12, Kawasaki ZX9 and, of course, the Suzuki Hayabusa, however, any time you begin with a clean sheet, you can design for any engine desired. There are twin engine variations and various turbo setups, two wheel drive and four wheel drive as well.

The only limits are imagination, creativity and skill. There are a number of companies worldwide in the business of creating complete motorcycle powered vehicles. Some are very well known, others a bit obscure but over time we intend to have a fairly comprehensive list.

r1 powered car

Super7Cars Many of the cars below are variations on the Caterham, Lotus and Super 7 from England, but the problem on this side of the Atlantic is they're all right hand drive. Super7Cars, up in Canada, builds a Super 7 in left hand drive powered by a Hayabusa engine with lots of available options, including turbo and intercooler. Well how's in 3. It can be ordered in configurations up to hp. I'm starting to get a real warm fuzzy for these things, you get the performance of a superbike with full weather protection and a heater along with room for a passenger and luggage.

Just imagine what this sounds like at full song on a twisty road His web site documents in extreme detail the progress from initial concept to mockups and every step of the building process. If you are looking to see a very capable design engineer at work, visit his site, you will be amazed.The Uniden BC15 external accessory speaker is durable with a rugged design, featuring a two-toned black and silver face-plate.

With 15 watts of inp Product Ov Comfortable ergonomic design, rugged construction, clear quality sound that is built for the professional driver. Product Overview Electret Conden Durable with a rugged design, the BC20 20 watt external accessory speaker is perfect for amplifying Uniden Scanners, CB Radios, and other communica The Uniden BC20 external accessory speaker is durable with a rugged design, featuring a two-toned black and silver face-plate.

With 20 watts of inp This headset includes over-the-ear coupling, li-poly battery, and a mono earpiece. The Bluetooth headset also has a high superiority monaural earph Hardwire kit with mute button for select windshield mount radar detectors. Hardwiring your radar's power connection keeps your volt outlet free With Bluetooth V2. Radar detector suction cub bracket is compatible with R7 radar detector. This suction cup bracket makes it easy to mount anywhere on your window.

Replacement radar detector windshield mount is compatible with R7 radar detector. Replacement windshield suction cups Extra mounting bracket Suc Shop With Confidence Over 50 years of experience.

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